Do this one thing to get the health results you’ve been looking for

Do this one thing to get the health results you’ve been looking for

Whether you want to
>>lose weight 

>>improve gut health 

>>kick your cravings

>>find out what food works for you

>>let go of negative self talk

>>love yourself

>>improve relationships 

>>improve fitness

>>tone your body

>>fix your problems 

There is one thing that will help you above all others.
Decide on what you’re going to do and BE CONSISTENT

I see so many people who decided they want to lose weight, they choose a diet, they choose an exercise program and they go really great for the first 4-6 weeks and then they stop, they sabotage their efforts.


I see three problems that people seem to have when it comes to this pattern

  1. They are putting conditions on their actions
  2. They have loose boundaries
  3. They are relying on willpower

Say you’ve been sticking to the plan but you aren’t seeing results? Did you just wake up one day and BAM you were 25kg overweight?
You knew for the past 10 years that you were slowly putting on weight, every year you weighed a little more, you moved a little less, you cared less about what you ate. Unless you get some kind of surgery then you’re not going to get the results you desire without a little time for all the weight you’ve put on to be undone.
If your condition is that you have to lose x amount of weight by x time then that’s a condition that you are putting on your efforts. Or I’ll love myself when I lose weight. What if you have good reasons (or so you think) not to love yourself? Then you won’t take action to lose weight. It’s another condition.

You really want to lose weight so that people will like you, so that men or ladies will want to ask you out, so you can show your old high school friends that you look better than them. WRONG REASONS!!!
Losing Weight is about being healthy, feeling more energetic, living longer, being happier, enjoying activities with your kids and friends, it’s about feeling good on the inside and matching it up with the outside. Knowing what your boundaries when it comes to this helps you to stick them and trust yourself more. If you want to lose weight so people will like you then you’ll also eat the cake to fit in, or drink too much, or skip the gym. Boundaries need to be made for you, by you, you’ll gain respect from others and respect for yourself and hit your goals quicker.

You are eating healthy food and thinking about how much your missing out on, you’re exercising as a punishment for all the junk you ate over your lifetime, or your punishing your body for not being sexy enough. And all the time you’re telling yourself it’s a waste of time because it’s not going to help and you’ll never get the body or health you desire.
Having Faith that you can create the body, health and life you desire is a huge factor in getting there, your mindset about the food or the exercise is what’s going to motivate you to be consistent. Willpower will only last so long, if you keep thinking about how good donuts taste and how much you want one, it won’t be long before you get one, eat it and feel the guilt and shame and disappointment. If you keep thinking about how good you feel on your healthy diet, how much more energy you have, how much clearer your mind is, how stable your moods are etc then guess what round sweet junk food is not going to be on your mind or in your mouth?

What if you can’t be who you want to be now?

What if you can’t create boundaries that are strong and healthy?

What if you can’t focus on the benefits and do it without willpower?

Then you may just need a little help with some unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and changing old patterns………. and that’s what I do. 🙂


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