The most common things #1

The most common things #1

Today is the first post in series I’m calling the most common things I support people with changing in my business.

Health is one of my top values and it’s the main thing I help people with, I work with health on four levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (energetic) levels.

And whether people want to lose weight, have a good relationship, have more energy, patience, balance, whatever it is, it’s all about health.


This is the first thing I help people with, if you want to lose weight you need to sleep well, if you want to be calm, have better memory, feel balanced, eat better, have more energy, stop snacking, be healthy, feel happy, you need to sleep well.


Many people have high cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone, we naturally have some of this, but many people have an increase due to

  • overworking
  • too much screen time
  • big changes
  • environment
  • over exercising
  • not exercising
  • artificial light exposure
  • erratic eating
  • no balance

High cortisol levels, makes it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, have restful sleep and to get up in the morning. It stops you from relaxing at night, and it slows your metabolism during the day. It effects hormone regulation and brain function and can cause brain fog and irritability.


Sleep time

The first thing you can do is start regulating your sleep time, same time to bed, same time to get up every day, until you discover your natural pattern. Your natural pattern will probably be between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, once you get this right, you won’t need an alarm to shock you awake in the morning.

Sunlight before screen light

The second thing you can do is make sure you get sunlight before you get screen light in the morning. The natural sunlight will stimulate the brain and body and let them both know it’s daytime, it’s time for work, play, movement and digesting food.

Meal timing

The third thing you can do is stop eating food 2-3 hours before bed, this allows your body to get the first major parts of digestion out of the way before bed, so you can rest and relax in bed, this also allows your body temperature to lower at sleep time, making it easier to stay asleep.

Lights timing

The fourth thing is to turn off overhead and screen lights 1-2 hours before bed. These lights have what we call blue light, this light stimulates the cortisol production and keeps you awake and unsettled, is can also lead to snacking, as your body thinks it’s daytime and needs food for energy.

Caffeine timing

The fifth thing you can do is restrict caffeine consumption, no more than 2 cups a day and drink them before lunch time. If you like chocolate having it at lunch time instead of night time will also help your sleep. If you like tea or other hot drinks in the afternoon or evening, find some caffeine free, herbal teas that you like.

Move your body

The sixth thing, you can do is move your body, dance, swim, walk, hike, climb, swing, bounce or play, whatever way moving your body feels good to you, then do it, 30 minutes a day is so good for your body. Don’t have 30 straight minutes? Then break it up into 3 x 10 minutes, and feel your body respond.

Reduce stress

The seventh thing is to reduce stress in your life, this could include putting boundaries in place with work, family or other people, this can also include starting meditation, yoga or other self-care practice. You need to fill yourself up mentally, emotionally and spiritually to have the energy to be here in the physical world.

It’s all about timing

So you see it’s all about the timing, when you sleep, eat, drink and move all factor in to how you sleep and how much energy you have.

If you’d like to take the quiz to find out why you’re so tired, you can access it here: Why am I tired?

If you’re tired and you’d like to get tools, training and support to have better sleep and more energy, don’t worry, I can help you with this with my vibrant health program that you can find out more about by booking a time to talk to me here: Discovery Call.


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