Lucy believes in waking up each day to a life she wants to live and hopes to inspire others to feel as good as possible through an abundance of health, wealth, success and love. As an integrative nutrition health coach, Access Bars practitioner and reiki practitioner, Lucy is on a mission to give working parents more time to have fun, show love and find peace.

Lucy is dedicated to the parents that are looking for growth in relationships, ready for unconditional self-love, ready to raise the roof on their upper limit, ready to walk the walk and make positive changes to enhance their lives and the lives of their families, parents who are looking for ways to support and nurture their children and parents who are looking for the piece of the puzzle that will take them from feeling good to feeling great, taking their lives from mundane to magnificent.

Lucy approaches health coaching from a holistic view point, with an ability to see things from many perspectives and consider every area of life. Lucy has an honest and direct style of communication that gets results while holding space for clients to find their own truth and build self-awareness.

When she isn’t educating and inspiring working parents to take the next step forward, Lucy is a loving mum to her beautiful, energetic son, outside enjoying the sunshine or making the most of the gorgeous beaches in
South Australia. Lucy sees herself as both a wild adventurer and a home maker. Relationships are always number one in her world, especially the one she has with herself.

Lucy believes that health starts with moving from your head to your heart, because that is where you act with integrity, choose love and follow your truth.