HI I’m Lucy, I am a working mum, an early childhood educator, a blog writer, a health and wellness coach, a self development advocate, a sister, a daughter, a friend.

Underneath all those hats I am me, a child of the universe, a divine creature put here on this earth to learn, love and serve. This blog has posts ranging from my inner world challenges and overcoming perfectionism, navigating the world of dating, challenges of single parenting, health hacks, health info and self development on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. Some of the posts have been around for a while and were posted on Facebook before I had a website and knew how to write and publish a blog.

I have always been interested in the spiritual and magical, the unseen elements of our lives that people don’t always believe in and have trouble explaining. I always felt in myself that these were not only possible but they were a part of me. I have read many books and listened to many podcasts on self development and awakening. Up until a few years ago though I didn’t always put into practice what I was learning.

Just over 6  years ago I became a single mum, not something I expected and it sent me into survival mode. I focused on my physical health as a way to get through, I was fit and ate well and yet still I had these days of depression, this pressure on me, thinking I had to be the mum and the dad, the nurturer and disciplinarian, the homemaker and the bread winner. Living a dual life eventually got the better of me and I had what could be described as an emotional meltdown. The guy I had been dating ended things. The job I had earned and the way I presented to staff and colleagues was destroyed by my mental health . My relationship with my son was falling apart.

One day my son told me that the feelings I come with, are sadness and frustration and it dawned on me that it was true. I was crying all the time and I was focusing so much on my misery that when my son needed me I had little patience. I drank alcohol a lot and I didn’t eat as well as I used to. I was playing the victim! This went on for a year or so, some days were a lot better than others and I started slowly to make progress. I realised that I needed to focus on the mental and spiritual side of things if I wanted to beat this. I started meditating, seeing a psychologist, getting reiki, going back to the chiropractor and I started improving. The next job I had fell through, the guy that I’d been dating continued to come in and out of my life each time bringing with him pain, hurt, shame and an underlying feeling of unworthiness.

I couldn’t understand how I could be going so well in parts of my life and then not seem to get on top of these negative feelings and thoughts. I realised that I was still playing the victim, that although I was doing lots of the ‘right’ things I still didn’t really love myself and that I needed some more answers when it came to food. I went to a naturopath and went on an elimination diet, I committed to my own health which meant finally giving up things like binge drinking, coffee, gluten, nightshades and other things that upset my body and mind.

I made changes through nutrition, self love, moving beyond limiting beliefs, changing mindset, being kind and compassionate to myself, putting systems in place at home and cultivating new ways of relating to my son and others. Most importantly moving out of my head, away from the inner critic and into my heart and toward unconditional love, I’ve come to a place in my life where I can say I am truly happy.

Do I still have goals? Yes absolutely. I am now in the coaching business and supporting people to live healthier and happier lives the way I am. I dream about living by the beach, travelling around this country and the world, making a difference in the lives of children who have it tough, watching my son grow to be a happy, healthy and successful adult, being a better parent and partner and sister and daughter and friend. The desire for all these things does not stop me from loving who I am right now or where I am right now. Life might be less than perfect but that’s just the way I like it.