From frustrated, perfectionist hanging on the edge of burnout and choosing all the wrong relationships to a happy, calm and energetic health coach in the relationship of her dreams.

In case you don’t know me then I’m Lucy, an Experienced Hypnotist and Energy Coach, I work with mums and dads to help them holistically live an energetic, calm life they fall more in love with every day.

I was working in early childhood education full time, in a single parent house, chasing the dream, to own my own house and create a fulfilling, fun, life for my son.

It was far from the dream though, I was running on empty, heading towards an emotional and mental burnout. I cried every day, wondering how my life got like this, and whether this world would be better off without me. I was lacking confidence and self-esteem and I was unsatisfied with life. My son was getting more of the worst of me then anything like the best. 

My son was the reason I still got up every day, the reason I never gave up hope, seeing him reminded me that I could choose my life and my feelings and that I deserved more than I was settling for in my life. My son…. and this underlying knowing that I was destined for more, that life wasn’t meant to be this way.

I went to something I knew would help but I didn’t know how much, I just knew I had to do something. I started meditating, I changed the food I was eating, I started with some simple mantras and found an energy healer and coach to start the healing process.

My life quickly started to change, I learnt more about myself at a physical level, emotional level, mental level and soul level. I got healthy…. true health. I was able to stop binge drinking on weekends and late-night snacking, I came along way.

The connections that I started to make about where I was and how I had gotten myself there, opened my mind to just how powerful we all are as individuals. Owning that I created my own life is the single biggest step that I needed to make the changes I required.

Then I found a coach who showed me that anything was possible, her poise and grace inspired me and her professionalism spurred me on.

I’m now so in love with myself and my life that I live with purpose and drive. I am happier and healthier than ever before and I am so excited to get up every day and share what I’ve learned with others. I love to tell people how I went from a frustrated, perfectionist on the brink of burn out to the building my dream business, living a life I love and making a positive difference in the lives of the people I work with and their families.

If you need help then I’m here. Getting help not only benefits you, but the people around you and it’s just so needed right now. Change is happening all the time and the most positive changes can start with you..


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