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7 signs you need to relax

1. Ordering take out or snacking.

I call this decision fatigue, you’re so stressed about all the decisions you’ve had to make that one more seems to overwhelming. So if someone else doesn’t feed you then you won’t eat.

2. Gas and Bloating.

When you’re stressed and anxious it effects your body in a way that slows down or shuts down your digestive system. This means that what you’re eating isn’t getting digested and can cause gas and bloating and even constipation. 

3. You’re getting a cold, sore throat or aches and pains

Your body is super smart, much smarter than your brain, trust me. So when you’re over doing it, your super smart body is there to tell you to slow down and get some rest. 

4. Disrupted Sleep or trouble getting to sleep

It’s unlikely that you’re just a bad sleeper or that the phases of the moon are affecting you every night. When you have the right amount of stress levels you should fall asleep within 10 minutes of your head hitting the pillow and sleep for 6-9 hours straight. 

5. Not Listening 

If you’ve been having conversations with people but at the end of it you’re not to sure what you talked about, that’s a sign you’re stressed out. You may have been thinking about all the other things you need to be doing or you’re on to the next thing so quickly all the information you just heard didn’t even have a chance to sink in.

6. You’re making excuses not to go somewhere days before it’s on.

A sign of stress or anxiety is not wanting to go to social events or other events that you originally said yes to. You may be one of those people that chronically overbooks yourself or your stress levels might just be so high that the though of leaving the house just makes it worse.

7. Mindless scrolling on social media 

It’s an escape, a way to procrastinate, it’s what you do when you want to switch off. What do you need to switch off from? The endless list, the stress, the anxiety of the next thing. You know it doesn’t help because there is no end to the rabbit hole and you end up more frustrated because of all the time you’ve wasted. 

These 7 signs might seem like everyday for you now and they are quite common but they don’t have to be.

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Next week I’ll give you 7 tips to overcome these signs and help you relax more.

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