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Getting stuck in the cycle

Many people I speak to have a deep need to be right all the time, even when they know they are wrong. The need to be right stops them from doing things that are unfamiliar to them.

I see many of you put the brakes on when new learning is coming to you and you get defensive or find ways the new stuff won’t work and then you go back to what is familiar.

You go back to that familiar stuff that’s not been working for you all this time, but at least you know what to expect right? Some of you even call this the comfort zone? Does it feel comfortable there? hmmm?

You might be stuck in that cycle of blame and complaining. It’s the kids, your partner, your boss, the government, the shop, the weather and so on…….

Some of you are so used to pointing out what you judge as faults that you identify those faults as part of who you are, not something that can be changed, improved or accepted.

And so you keep those faults, you keep them and you resent them for being there, and you make jokes at your own expense. Nothing changes and you are stuck in the cycle..

The people I work with are people who learn to embrace change, are open to it and they take every opportunity to learn and grow. The people I work with are open to choice and possibilities and they don’t limit themselves with judgement and decisions.

What would your day be like if you embraced change and learning. What needs to happen for you to get unstuck and step out of that uncomfortable, familiar cycle you are in?

There are many ways to change these habits and NLP has many tools to help you. Other healing arts that we do together in the Head to Heart Journey also help you to change habits and get unstuck.

One of the tools I love to show clients is asking simple questions. If you feel like you can’t do something, say, stop snacking after tea, ask yourself “why is it so easy for me to stop snacking?” ask yourself “what will i feel like in 30 minutes if I snack, what will i feel like in 30 minutes if i don’t snack?” “what can I do instead of snacking that will make me feel better?”

You see a question is one way to give yourself choice, to learn, to be open to possibilities. Ask the right question and get yourself unstuck.

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