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Interrupting the brain bitch!

Do you know that voice you hear in your head that just keeps spinning around with negative self talk? 

I used to call her the brain bitch, and I can remember a time only a few short years ago when she would just not shut up. It felt like all day, all I heard was criticism and disappointment and it was all coming from me. 

The more I listened the more hopeless I felt, like I was failing at everything. Work, parenting, relationships, friendships, my health all of it. I felt like a waste of space and air. 

one thing I knew was that I needed to make the negative self-talk stop, or I would never get out of there. 

One of the most important things that I learned is that negative self talk loop in my head had to be interrupted. Because you see the self talk had become more of a habit then anything, even when I was doing good things and other people around me could see it, I was still hearing criticism and disappointment. 

How did I stop the brain bitch or as Melissa Ambrosini calls her the ‘Mean Girl’? I used some different tools and techniques to help interrupt the loop. Affirmations, habit changing tools, reframing and most of all letting go of the stuff that’s in the loop. Through energy work my energy flow allowed me to feel more together, releasing what was stuck through my chakras and working with my body, mind and soul I brought awareness to it I brought it out into the light and reframed it to what is real and what it is supposed to be.

Try this: when negative self-talk comes into your head, write it down, for example you fucked that up, you can’t get anything right, then ask yourself is that really true? The answer of course is no, now write down at least three things that prove that thought isn’t true, you got breakfast right that was yummy, you got to work on time, well done and you helped that customer get exactly what they wanted, if you have time you can continue the list and I’m sure you could add plenty to it. 

Try it and let me know how it works out for you because it’s time we all learned what it feels like to feel good. 

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