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My mum needs a dog.

My mum is a single parent. I see my dad every other weekend but I spend most of my time with mum. She is so great. My mum can do all kinds of things. My friends think she is the best. My mum cooks us yummy food, and lets us play messy games. My mum can mow the lawn, change a tyre, go to work, keep the house in order, teach me to read, kick a football and she always makes me better if I get sick.

But my mum can’t find a pet.

My mum has been going out and meeting new pets for years. She will go out and find one and she gets to know them a little and then brings them home to see what I think.

One time my mum brought home a funny little ferret. He always wanted to be around my mum. He didn’t like it when I talked and he got jealous if my mum gave me attention instead of him. Sometimes he would play x-box with me but he always wanted my mum to do things she didn’t really like. He was not the right pet for us.

One time we got a big grizzly bear who had three little bear cubs. This bear didn’t have his own cave but he liked to hibernate a lot. He got really grumpy and roared if we woke him up. Mum and I like to get out and play so we knew he wasn’t the right pet for us.

One time mum brought home a snake. He would slither in and out of our house and sometimes he would be gone for weeks. My mum would get scared and cry because she thought she lost him. But he would show up again, until one time he bit her and he had to go. NOT the right pet for us.

One time mum found a lion that didn’t have a mane. He roared really loud and wanted to be the king of the jungle. But he was a lazy lion and mum had to do everything. He never played with me. He was not the right pet for us.

My mum and I would love a pet. I am so grateful we have each other although we get lonely sometimes. I think a dog is the kind of pet we need. A dog would be the right fit for us. Dogs are smart, loyal and playful and they like to get outside. A dog will give us unconditional love and keep us safe.

Yes my mum needs a dog and so do I.

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  1. Alison (Ali) Barry says:

    oh i love your thinking here Lucy x

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