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Really basic Risotto

  • 2 chicken breast or 4 chicken thighs diced
  • 4 cups of vegetable/chicken stock or bone broth
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 50g organic grass fed butter
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 cups Vegetables – peas, beans, mushrooms, corn
  • 2 cups Arborio rice
  • Fresh herbs
  • Parmesan

serves 4

In one saucepan bring stock or broth to a simmer, if you make your own in the slow cooker you can ladle straight from there.
In another saucepan heat half the oil and cook the chicken, remove chicken from pan.
Add the remaining oil and butter to the saucepan add onion, garlic and mushrooms and sauté’ rice in the onion and garlic mixture until just changing colour,
Add stock or broth to pan one cup at a time, continuously stirring in between so rice can fully absorb the liquid, when rice is close to being ready add the remaining vegetables, chicken and any herbs.
One rice is cooked through and liquid absorbed stir through parmesan, season with salt and pepper if needed.

traditional risotto uses white wine in the beginning stages before the stock gets added to the pan, I don’t use it because I don’t drink it and I never have it at my house. If you do like white wine, add 100ml to the rice mixture until absorbed before adding the stock

you can make risotto with different combinations of meat and vegetables. We love salmon and asparagus, chicken and mushroom, sausage and peas, or pumpkin and spinach. Get creative, that’s what makes food fun.

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