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12 Ways to be kinder to your skin and the planet.

12 Ways to be kinder to your skin and the planet 
Our skin is our largest organ, it makes up about 16% of our body weight.Did you know that 60% of what goes on your skin goes directly to your blood stream within 26 seconds? 
Makes you really think about what are you putting on your skin. Most beauty products and perfumes have ingredients in them that are toxic, can cause skin irritations and disrupt your hormones. In a recent trip to a well known beauty store that has a good reputation for being ‘good’ for your skin, I found ingredients in their products that cause eye, skin and lung irritation. Scary right? Did you know that Ingredients used in bubble bath, facial cleanser and other beauty products are often derived from petroleum or are just simply synthetic?How do you know what you are putting on you skin is safe?

 You Put Food on your face!
If it is safe enough to go in your body, then it is good enough to go on your body. 
Here are my 12 ways to be kinder to your skin and the planet.

1. Drink more clean water and use it to wash your face. It’s cheap and readily available and if you have a good filter than you’re doing even better. Water is ph balanced and doesn’t strip your skin or your insides of all the good bacteria we need to stay healthy. 
2. Eat more clean vegetables and use them on your skin. Organic vegetables and home grown vegetables are so good for your skin, free from chemicals, herbicides and pesticides they give you the essential vitamins and minerals your skin needs to glow. 
3. Get enough restorative sleep. Sleeping is when your body’s hydration re-balances. Excess water is processed for elimination taking most of those nasties with it. Sleep better and you’ll be rid of those bags under your eyes and you’ll have less wrinkles. 
4. Oatmeal Mask
3 tbs ground oats – I grind mine in a food processor (soothe the skin and fight acne)
1- tsp raw organic honey (anti-bacterial)
2 tbs organic full fat milk (clears dead skin)
combine all ingredients and apply over your face as a thick paste. Rest for 15 minutes. Rinse with luke warm clean water. – This mask is also great for fighting acne. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean. 
5. Gentle Face Scrub 
1/2 cup ground oats
1/4 cup ground almonds
1/4 cup rice flour 
1 tbs fine Himalayan sea salt 
10 drops lavender oil 
combine all the ingredients in a small jar. to use as a scrub take a tsp size amount of the mixture and combine with 2 tsp of full cream milk or clean water. Gently scrub on wet face and rinse well. 
6. Honey Facial Wash
1 tbs raw organic local honey (anti-bacterial, moisturising, will pull out the oil you don’t want)
Rub the honey over a damp face, massage the skin, leave on for as long as you like up to 10 minutes, rinse the honey off with clean water. 
7. Green Tea toner 
Chemical free green tea bag or green tea leaves
Hot water
Let the tea bag or tea leaves seep in the hot water for 5 minutes. Wait for the tea to cool down. Pour a little on an organic cotton ball or pad or a reusable make up pad. Wipe over face – focus on your problem areas.
8. Moisturise
Choose an oil or combination of oils that won’t clog your skin. My favourite oil to use as a moisturiser is Jojoba Oil. You could use Avocado oil or Apricot Seed oil. 
I like to combine my oils to create my moisturiser. 
2 tbs rosehip oil
4 tbs jojoba oil 
3 drops lavender oil 
3 drops lemongrass oil 
9. Eye make-up remover
coconut oil or olive oil 
put a few drops on to an organic cotton ball or make up pad or re-usable cloth. wipe over eye to remove make-up. 
10. pimple vanish solution 
Lemon Juice (suck out oil, dry and shrink pimple)
organic cotton ball or make up pad or re-usable make up pad
wet the cotton ball or pad with lemon juice and dab on the pimple, hold it there for 30 seconds and that’s it. After I make my lemon water in the morning I just hold the piece of lemon straight on to any blemish I might have 
11. Deodorant
2 tbs aluminium free baking soda
1/2 cup preservative free arrowroot powder 
4 tbs coconut oil 
5 drops tea tree oil
5 drops lemongrass oil  
Combine all ingredients in a small jar, Use as a pit paste under your arms. Use the essential oils that you love the smell of, stick to 10 drops. 
12. Body Spray (for 100ml spray/spritz bottle)
95ml distilled or filtered water
4ml witch hazel (keeps it fresh, can buy at supermarkets)
10 drops of essential oils (depends on your preference)

There you have it, my 12 simplest tips for looking after your skin and the planet. The best part is that most of the ingredients you would already have in your home. 

From Lucy at Head to Heart Health – where parents find peace and make family life fun

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