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Jade eggs? what’s the hoo ha?

Jade yoni eggs are now big on the scene in women’s health. Have you ever wondered what you do with them? Have you ever asked what they can do for you?

Jade eggs are pieces of Jade shaped like an egg. Jade is a healing crystal with properties that promote abundance and prosperity. Jade is very gentle and cleansing and will help balance, regenerate and heal the emotional and physical body.

Using a Jade egg to do your kegel muscle exercises is much more effective than just squeezing down there when your driving to work. Having an object for the muscles to resist and work with is going to give you much better results. Think doing bicep curls with or without weights.

I’ve been using a jade egg for health and strengthening for 3 years now. There have been times when I haven’t used it and times when I have used it a lot. I listen to what my yoni wants and needs. I first found out about vaginal weightlifting from Kim Anami a sex and relationship coach, she has videos on you tube and also a blog all about sexual health.

Here are my 5 reasons to use a Jade Yoni egg.

  1. STRENGTHENS VAGINAL MUSCLES and stops light bladder leakage doing your kegel muscle exercises with the jade egg increases the strength of the muscles in the vaginal wall. These muscles contract when you sneeze, jump, laugh, cough etc and when they aren’t strong it can cause what we know as light bladder leakage. Unfortunately society thinks this is quite a normal way for the vagina to behave. It doesn’t have to be
  2. INCREASES NATURAL LUBRICATION and heightens sensation – improving orgasms and making sex even better With Vaginal health comes lubrication, improved circulation and more sensation. Sex is not only more pleasurable but orgasms become more intense and last longer. If you’ve ever wanted to have a ‘squirting’ orgasm this is the way to do it.
  3. INCREASES ENERGY, call it what you want, life force energy, feminine essence, sexual energy, chi; whatever you call it, you get more of it as you strengthen and heal your vagina. You’ll increase your enthusiasm for life and your libido.
  4. INCREASES CREATIVITY and abundance, yoni is a sanskrit word meaning source. As your vaginal and sexual health increases and the life force energy flows freely, all creative energy is able to be tapped into. Your vagina is the source of birthing things, creative endeavors in life are also birthed from the place of feminine energy. This is the source of manifestation and intuition.
  5. HEALS PAST TRAUMA – childbirth, sexual trauma, bad sex, self-image, fear, community beliefs – there are many things from the past that can cause us to cut off from ourselves sexually. It can mean that we don’t have orgasms, that we find it hard to trust others, that we aren’t open to receiving from our partner and that we just don’t know ourselves anymore. This practice can heal many things and reconnect us to ourselves.

Using the Jade egg has been great for me and my health. There are recommended ways to use the egg if you do want to try it, so make sure you do your research and buy a good quality JADE because it’s going into the most sensitive and powerful part of your body.

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