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Where has the feminine gone?

Who is boss lady at getting things done? Who can organise everything from the house to the holiday? Who looks after everyone’s wants and needs and still has time to look their best? Who can cook the bbq, mow the lawn and change the washer on the dripping tap?

Who finds it hard to talk about how things really make them feel? Who is too busy getting shit done to even be aware of how things make them feel? Who has forgotten how to be vulnerable? How to tell their story? How to find the good in things and in people? Who always takes the lead on the dance floor?

Has being feminine become a weakness or have we just forgotten how to do it? Has being independent and self-reliant and strong and equal, taken over from the femininity that is buried deep inside us all?

Do you remember what it’s like to be listened to? To be really heard? Do you remember what it’s like to cry and to have a loving pair of arms around you? Do you remember what it’s like to ask for help? for advice? for comfort? for understanding? for communication? Do you remember what it’s like to let go and to trust the person standing in front of you completely? Do you remember what unconditional love feels like to give and to receive?

If every person is a balance between the feminine and the masculine energies and every relationship is a dance between them. Then why have we forgotten how to be feminine?

I’ve spent so much time proving to myself and the world around me that I can do it on my own. I know how to get by in this big bad world and I know how to get by without a man. Or do I?

Lately I have found myself seeking the company of male family members and male friends more and more. On recent reflection I realised the men I have been wanting to spend time with are men who allow me to be a woman. They accept that I am soft and emotional and I change my mind. They know that I’m not going to judge them or think any less of them because of their words or actions. I can be me around them and they can be them around me. The dance between the feminine and masculine energies in those relationships is a beautiful and enticing one.

To me being feminine means softening into your heart space, noticing how things make you feel, communicating from a place of love and compassion, empathy, nurturing and comfort. It means seducing your partner and letting them have all of you. It means feeling sexy and loving every part of your body. It means owning your feminine essence, your moon cycle, your emotions and your soft parts. It means warmth, happiness and positive outlooks. It means seeing the good in people and situations. It means feeling attractive and beautiful not only in others eyes but in your eyes. In means looking after the house and making it a home. It’s the way things feel it’s the difference between the light and heavy.

Being feminine does not mean we are weak. It does not mean we are not ready for equality. Being feminine is not something to be laughed at or diminished. It’s in every one of us, man, woman and child.

What do we have to create to bring feminine back?

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