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What’s my age again?

Can Age be defied? Or more importantly should it? media and public affects peoples perceptions of getting older as a negative and unwanted curse. Older people with their wealth of knowledge and experience are often over looked and disregarded, I know that older people in my life have passed away without me really knowing the depth of them, discovering things about them at their funeral caused me to reflect on the times I spent talking to them about trivial things or about myself when I could have been learning from them and marveling at their tremendous stories. As I age I am looking forward to putting into practice all the things I learn along the way, for the life lessons to make sense, to being grateful for all that I have and for all that has been, to cherishing the loved ones and the memories and to defying peoples perceptions of aging so really all the things I currently enjoy I will continue to enjoy as I age. I am also looking forward to being a grandparent what an amazing gift that will be. Do I want to stop aging? No I want to appreciate older people more, I want to show them how important they are to us as a society and I want them to know that their lives can be happy, healthy and meaningful for all of their days.

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